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Question: How much vinyl will i need for my project?

Answer: That really depends on what you are applying the vinyl wrap to, the best plan would be to measure the total surface area to get an idea how large it is. So for example a typical IKEA coffee table measures 120cm x 80cm and our vinyl wrap comes with measurements:  Width: 152cm so a 100cm section would be enough for your table.

General guide for motor vehicles. SMART CAR: 10M. SMALL HATCHBACK: 14-16M. FULL SIZED SEDAN: 16-18M. JEEP: 22-24M 

Question: Can i mix and match what vinyl i buy?

Answer: Yes. On our store we try to make it as easy as possible to buy vinyl wrap from us. As we primarily sell to Business To Business you may find that some of our products permit only 18 metres or more. If you wish to place an order but dont find the quantity you wish to purchase us. Email Sales@rgdaretochange.co.uk and we will see if we can arrange it for you.


Question: Can i return my vinyl?

Answer: Yes you can return the vinyl once opened and unused within 14 days of receiving the item.


Question: How long will my vinyl take for delivery?

Answer: The vinyl you order will in most cases take 10 days to arrive, sometimes it may arrive in 2 days but may be as long as 3 weeks. However on most orders that go over 10 days you will be notified by email on an estimated delivery time.


Question: What brand product do you sell?

Answer: Arjievinyls is a company with proven track record of quality and favorable costing with which we primarily sell our own brand of premium vinyl material called, "RG Dare To Change" this track record is reflected in the prices we charge and our sponsors. Visit: www.rgdaretochange.co.uk